By Jeremy Brown


(Adv. Dip. Nat., TAE IV, MNHAA)

Though N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) powder is a relevantly unheard of medicine, its popularity is growing in Naturopathic and Integrative cycles. Belonging to a group of medicines called contingent nutrient factors, NAC has a number of uses in my practice, including autism, bi-polar, depression and chronic bronchitis.

This blog will look into how NAC can assist you and your family.

Autistic children

Autism is a behavioral and developmental disorder affecting children and involves impairment in development and social interactions. There is a spectrum of severity in the disorder, though it is fair to say that regardless of where your child fits into the spectrum; their life and parent’s life will be affected in some way. Studies have displayed NACs role in reducing irritability symptoms in autism. These include; aggression, trauma and self-injury behaviours. Via its work as a free radical scavenger, NAC assets in reducing inflammation in the brain with human clinical studies involving confirming this.

NAC powder has shown ability to reduce irritability in autistic children

Bi-polar and depression

Bi-polar is marked by mood swings involving periods of mania (or highs) and deep depression (lows). Depression is marked only by periods of low mood lasting for more than two weeks. In one study, NAC reduced low moods in bi-polar significantly, reducing feelings such as melancholy and sadness. It is worth noting that it is only effective in the low periods of bi-polar. This is also due to NAC effectiveness in reducing free radical damage via glutathione.

Low moods in both bi-polar and depression can be treated by NAC powder

Chronic bronchitis

NAC is able to help clear excess mucous from the lungs. It appears to behave as a mucolytic, which helps the body remove excess mucus from the lungs. In chronic conditions, this is useful as it can help clear mucus and reduce the risk of further infections.

NAC powder has properties of clearing excess mucous from the lungs.

Other uses

NAC also has other applications including: obsessive compulsive disorder, liver damage and addictive behaviour such as alcoholism. Brown’s Wellbeing Centre can assess if NAC is needed in addition to other treatments which can help you reach your health goals sooner.

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