By Jeremy Brown


(Grad. Cert. Counsell., Adv. Dip. Nat., MNHAA)

Mental health in its complexity

Many of my clients have been diagnosed with mild anxiety, depression and mental illness in some form. The road to recovery is never simple and may involve many different options. Typically, the first line of treatment is medication and/or psychotherapy. Both these methods have shown success, and I never discourage clients to stop any medication, quote the opposite. Along side this, targeted nutritional therapy can improve outcomes and reduce possible side effects.

Pyrrole disorder

While we have known about Pyrrole disorder (or Mauve factor) for a number of decades, though testing and nutritional support is uncommon. This is due to the complex nature of nutrition and the difficulty in standardising outcomes, a position I respect. Additionally, it can also be expensive for the client. Because of this, I was cautious in applying this in practice, and to honest, was surprised to be the outcome.

Nutritional Biochemistry

Krytpopyrroles are involved in the production of heme and serve no physiological function beyond this. Pyrrole disorder is diagnosed when there are elevated levels of Pyrroles within the urine. Before leaving the body, Pyrroles bind to vitamin B6, zinc and are then taken away via the kidneys. Fatty acids (such as fish oil), magnesium and other nutrients are also affected by Pyrroles. These nutrients play a role in conditions such as mild depression, anxiety, ADHD and substance abuse.

Pyrrole disorder may effect key nutrients involved in mental health 

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Symptoms of Pyrrole






Skin rashes


White spots on the nails


This is made via a urine test requested by a practitioner. The results are then sent to the practitioner and discussed with the client.  Nutritional support is made by targeted high dose supplementation with P5P (activated B6), zinc, magnesium, and others.


Turn around takes around two weeks, with up to 24hrs months for the best outcome. People often find that their gently mood lifts, they are less fatigued and their overall wellbeing improves. It is worth noting that Pyrrole testing is quite commercial in nature, and part of any current interventions. The research is moderate at beat and with opinions varied. Never the less, it may be one step towards greater health and worth investigating,

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