Functional Pathology Testing

by Jeremy Brown

Naturopath / Counsellor

Chronic disease is the largest threat to Australian’s health and new pathology techniques to investigate this continue to enter the market.

However, new techniques are not without controversy and many health professionals are skeptical at best, myself included.

So are these new tests offering insights into our health or are they simply a fad?

With many Naturopath’s and Integrative Doctor’s claiming remarkable results, one still need to consider if the benefits outweigh the cost involved.

Each day I hear the following:
“My diet appears perfect yet I can’t seem to take the right minerals and vitamins”
“My life long disease is not changing”
“I have read lots of interesting articles online, however I’m more confused than ever”
This is a common and frustrating position to be in.

Many people experience:
Diarrhoea or constipation
Migraine and headaches
Fatigue and exhaustion
Difficulty concentrating
Nasal congestion or hay fever
Mood swings and irritability

It is not surprising that functional testing has come into play.

Essentially functional testing involves assessing individual bio-chemical differences and there relation to that persons’s health.

This is in contrast to conventional pathology which looks for extreme deficiencies based on general averages, and both quick and cheap, and in many cases, all that is required.

Additionally, standard pathology looks for the absence or presence of disease, whereas functional pathology seeks to enhance the bodies ability to heal.

As a functional practitioner, I am concerned about your specific bio-chemical fingerprint and its impact health.

Consider this concept:

“If you are driving your car from Oberon to Lithgow on a poorly paved road, over time, your car loses its ability to perform. Even after fixing the tyre or suspension, the problem will re-occur. However, if we fix the road itself by plugging the pot-holes, both the road healths and the cars performance will improve.”

So, by prescribing a tailored combination of nutrients, clinicians can correct the under lying cause and enchance health and wellbeing.

While functional testing can be both labour intestive and expensive, I have turned around many cases by using this techinque.

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Yours in health,

-Jeremy Brown

| Naturopath | Counsellor |

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling

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