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Jeremy has been instrumental in getting my 9 year old daughter sleeping through the night without sleep walking and a huge reduction in nightmares. She is on herbal drops to help her sleep and in the mornings to help calm her anxieties over school and life in general. My daughters levels of anxiety have decreased quite noticeably even though it has been 9-10 weeks since she started taking her personally prescribed vitamin supplements. Things can only improve for her general wellbeing and mental health from here. Thank you Jeremy.

Megan; Oberon resident

Jeremy blended a mix for me to enhance focus, provide energy, and boost my memory. I cannot believe the results – I have been so focused, so energised and so productive at work. Absolutely remarkable effort and service by the clinic. 5 Stars!

Lynden; Lawyer at Adams & Partners Lawyers


My stomach pain, wheezing & mood hasn’t been this good in a such long time….thank you for your help.

Isaac; 13yo with IBS, Coeliac and Asthma 


I have been seeing Jeremy for the past year and have notice a improvement in my energy, resilience and ability to cope under pressure. As a busy, working single mum these are the outcomes I have been looking for. He listens sensitivity and nothing seems to hard for him to tackle. His professionalism, commitment and determination to reach my best outcome stand out.

Erica; Mental Health worker


I have known Jeremy for 3 years. His knowledge on herbal medicine is astounding and he has already resolved a number of tricky cases while working in the clinic. I highly recommend him and I’m sure those who have been treated by him will agree that he is the person to go to!

Leonie; Spot on Remedial Massage


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Please note: these are real cases, however we take each client on face value and each outcome varies. Naturopathic treatment is similar any form of self development; the more a client applies themselves, the better the result.